About me

I'm a Systems Administrator, and I mostly work in Microsoft products these days.  I used to work with Linux (and still do, some), but found a lot of things to like in the Microsoft world these last few years.  The biggest one is PowerShell.

As a command line and automation language, I feel PowerShell is the best there is, and I've dedicated a lot of time to learning how to get it to make my job a lot easier.

I'm here to help as best I can, so if you want me to write about something, or have a question, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

About the code

First, a standard disclaimer: everything I post here is provided as-is, with no warranties that it will work correctly and cause no harm in any environment you might use it in; testing in a non-production environment is up to you, and is strongly encouraged, before using anything you see here in production.  That being said, I will never intentionally post code that is potentially dangerous without discussing the possible dangers as I know them.  I'm here to help and have some fun, and there's nothing fun about bringing down prod (believe me, I know!).

I will be posting in a few different styles on this blog, and will give a brief description here (note: as of this writing, the styles I will take on are not well defined yet, and as such, there's not much to say here; however, I will be adding information here as I develop these styles more).

Code Snippets

Right now, this is the main style I have.  Code snippets are just that: short snippets of code that I came up with while solving a problem, and thought they might be worth sharing.  These will be accompanied by a brief description, maybe some back story, and some things I think they might be useful for (if it isn't fairly obvious).


Just as the name implies, anything I've categorized "Dangerous" can potentially be just that, and should be tested carefully before using it in production.  This does not mean you shouldn't test anything not marked this way, as any code can have unexpected side effects, but generally things that make changes (and particularly that remove data) are the ones to be most cautious of.  Anything I think might break something, I'll give this descriptor (this is more of a sub-style rather than a style of its own).


About the Bear

The bear has a name, and a story.  I originally found him in a store, and thought my wife would love him; I couldn't just leave him there, so I promised him a good home and brought him with me.  She said that he was just too darned big, and I should take him back.

Well, I couldn't...you see, I'd already started falling for the guy.  So, I brought him to work with me, where he inspired many people and made lots of friends.  Many bad, stressful days were made better by looking over at him, and realizing everything was going to be okay.

I named him Linus, after Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux.  I know, right?  The mascot of a PowerShell blog named after one of the big open source players.

He's been with me for quite some time, though, and been watching me the entire time I've been learning PowerShell.  He's been by buddy through it all, and I hope he can be yours too.