New bear in town

PowerShell.  It's the darling language of Microsoft now, and I've been working with it for a couple of years at this point.  With it, you can automate all manner of Microsoft products, from desktops and servers, to Exchange, to website creation with IIS, to just about anything you put your mind to.  It's an incredibly powerful .NET language that is also incredibly easy to use.  But, if you're here, you probably already know that.

So, where do I fit in?  I'm just another scripting monkey (or bear, as the case may be), right?  There are lots of tech writers out there who cover just about every aspect of the language already, so why do I need to chip in?  Really, because I want to, that's why.  Maybe I'll bring a unique perspective to the table, which someone finds valuable.

Regardless of what that is, I'll be writing about the things I find, the things I try, and the things I enjoy.  I'll write about PowerShell itself, as well as technologies that hinge on it, such as Exchange, Lync, Active Directory, and whatever I'm playing or working with this week.  As a more or less solo SysAdmin, I get a chance to play with a lot of different things, and the first thing I ask when trying something new is "How would I do this in PowerShell?"  When I answer that question, I'll post about what I figure out.

I hope this is a journey that we'll all be able to enjoy and learn from.