I really should start using GitHub

Okay, not a PowerShell thing (directly, anyway), just finding that my method of storing my code is becoming unmanageable.  Basically, what I've been doing is throwing everything in my Google Drive, which is overall very convenient, but over time is showing to be unwieldy.  Especially since, though I write a change log with my more important scripts, I have no way to go back to an old version of my code.

I already had a GitHub account, I've just not been using it.  So, depending on how things work, I'll probably start sharing more of my code from there rather than embedding it directly here, and just provide a link to it instead.

In my limited interaction with GitHub in the past, it was fantastic and fairly easy to use.  If you're looking for a way to store your code, and even collaborate, it's a great system for it.  If you're on GitHub already, I'm on there as poshcodebear.  You can find me here: https://github.com/poshcodebear.

There's not much there yet, but I'm going to start migrating my code to there soon so you'll see things start to pop up.