Protecting all OUs from accidental deletion

If you've run the Best Practice Analyzer (or BPA) for Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS), you may get the following warning: "All OUs in this domain should be protected from accidental deletion".  Depending on the size of your domain, going through all OUs to check that could sit on your list of things you want to do somewhere between "Mindbogglingly boring and waste of time" and "SHOOT ME NOW!".  Thankfully, this, too, can be done through PowerShell:

Here's where I tell you that this makes changes to your AD environment, and while there should be no ill consequences for this one, do take proper precautions; before running it, you should also just run the first two lines by themselves (minus the last pipe) to see what you'd be changing.

Other than that, this is another really simple, fairly self-explanatory snippet.