Better place to PowerShell (say goodbye to cmd.exe)

I'll be honest, I hate cmd.exe, which is what PowerShell uses by default.  It's functional, but crude, old fashioned and basic. I had been using ConEmu for some time, and it's an excellent product, but I ran into another that I feel fixes all of the problems with cmd (and even the last nagging issue I had with ConEmu): Cmder.  It uses ConEmu for the console emulator, it's completely portable, and when you just need a windows command prompt (rather than PowerShell), it gives you a Bash-like shell experience (unfortunately, trying to get the bash-like enhancements to work in PowerShell broke tab completion for PowerShell cmdlets for me, so I had to stick with PowerShell style tab completion).

Anyway, it's a great functioning, great looking console emulator, and I highly recommend giving it a try.