Get VMWare network adapter types

This one requires PowerCLI to work, and you will need to connect to your vSphere server first; I wrote this one to see what servers had which network adapters configured so we'd know which ones could be upgraded to VMXNET 3.  This could easily be modified to capture just about any information you want, just by digging in to the VM objects a bit.

That's it; there's not much to this one other than what you see.  Use in good health.

EDIT: Well, this is embarrassing.  You could easily do the above faster and better  with "Get-NetworkAdapter (Get-VM)".  Well, this will work if you don't have Get-NetworkAdapter in your version of PowerCLI, or you could modify the above to target info that's not as readily available via cmdlet.

EDIT 2: "Get-NetworkAdapter (Get-VM)" won't show which server they're connected to, so I guess there is still use for my script.  I may circle around and update it using Get-NetworkAdapter, but for now, there you go.